500 Brushes® when compared to other traditional toilet bowl brushes



  • Requires you to add liquid blue cleaner (creating a second step) which typically results in using more than you need which adds up financially
  • Brush head is permanently attached to the handle, which does not allow for brush head only replacement
  • Has standard caddy holder which is a breeding ground for bacteria and all sorts of germs



      • Wands are an environmental disaster - you need to throw out their heads after each and every use, which is terrible news for our landfills and your wallet. Some toilet wand manufacturers even ask you to flush the disposable heads - terrible for our oceans. 500 Brushes® uses the better, more durable bristled head and is not one time use; our heads last many months.
      • When toilet wands first came to market, their only advantage was having blue cleanser soap built right into their disposable heads, making for a one-step cleaning action. However, 500 brushes® also has blue cleaner built right into the head, but with 500 Brushes® the cleanser is refillable, not one time use.
      • It’s not only the environment that reaps the benefits with 500 Brushes®, but you will also save a lot of $$$ compared to both standard bowl brushes and newer style toilet wands.



      • Brush Head & Handle are detachable, allowing for only the head to be discarded when you decide that its time to be replaced, keeping the good handle, that's eco-friendly.
      • Has a Patented " Finned" Caddy, allowing for hands free replacing of the Brush Head.
      • Has a Built-In Sudsing Cleanser Tablet  Dispenser inside the Brush Head, therefore you don't need separate liquid cleaner, saving you money & time.
      • Adding a new Cleanser Tablet is also a Hands-Free process because of the Patented Finned Caddy.
      • Bristles are treated with Antimicrobial Protection, inhibiting the growth of Odor Causing Bacteria

          500 BRUSHES® saves you both money and time, as well as the environment!


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