About 500 Brushes®

500 Brushes® is the world’s 1st traditional, reusable toilet bowl brush where blue cleanser gets dispensed right from the brush head itself. One cleanser tablet will last the average user 2 Plus Months (depending how much you clean) making for a simple one-step process to clean your bowl. "Finally, You Clean as You Brush"

500 Brushes® takes the positive features from traditional, reusable toilet bowl brushes and the newer disposable wands and provides the consumer with the best alternative.

What makes 500 Brushes ® the better option:

  • 500 Brushes® uses the better " NYLON BRISTLED" brush head typically found on traditional brushes.
  • 500 Brushes® blue cleanser, which contains bleach, is dispensed right from the brush head eliminating the need for the second step w/ bottled liquid cleanser.
  • 500 Brushes® is the most convenient option. When wands first came out, you can certainly say they were more convenient than traditional brushes but now that 500 Brushes® is on the market, they are no longer the most convenient anymore: 500 Brushes® is a one-step process!
  • 500 Brushes® saves the consumer money 75% compared to needing liquid cleaner with traditional brushes.
  • 500 Brushes® saves a lot of money compared to the newer wands on the market. With wands you need to replace the brush each time you use it, which becomes very expensive (and not environment friendly). Some disposable toilet wands even ask you to flush the head, no way that is good for eco-system.
  • 500 Brushes ® is better for the environment compared to both older traditional brushes and the newer wands. How? With 500 Brushes® you use the exact amount of cleanser needed as you brush, compared to traditional brushes where consumers use way more liquid cleaner than is typically needed for each usage, and 500 Brushes® has a replaceable brush head allowing you (when you eventually decide its time for a new brush head) to keep the handle, which saves on resources. And lastly with wands, you need to throw-out the brush head after each usage (or even "flush" them) and all these heads end up in landfills or our oceans, which is terrible for the environment.
  • 500 Brushes® actual brush head cleans itself. With cleanser built-in, and antimicrobial treated bristles, you never clean without cleanser ensuring you put a clean brush head back into the caddy.





When using your typical toilet bowl brush, you need liquid cleaner in every bathroom. Besides being an expensive and inconvenient second step, a big problem is that you constantly run out and end up with no cleaner, just a regular brush. What do you do?  You end up just using the brush without soap and moving dirty water around. Besides being unsanitary, its also GROSS! No worries, with 500 Brushes® the cleanser tablet is dispensed right from the brush, one tablet can last a very long time, ensuring you are always cleaning with actual cleanser.

With wands, they require you to purchase tons of heads and besides that being an expensive option, they need to be replaced after each cleaning. What happens? You constantly run out of heads and can't even clean your toilet bowl.

HAVE NO FEAR, 500 BRUSHES® is here!

500 Brushes®, you get a fresh clean with every brush™.

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