500 Brushes® - FIRST TIME USE:

Attach the head to the handle (instructions are in the shipping box or you can view them here).  The brush head is nestled in the caddy holder with the opening well for the cleanser tablet facing up.

Then take one blue cleanser tablet, peel open the package, and drop the cleanser into the opening well in the brush head, screw the handle back on and you are good to go for MONTHS!

You simply begin brushing and you will be amazed at what a great job it does cleaning.  You will notice the blue cleanser coming right out of the head. The head’s bristles are antimicrobial treated, inhibiting the growth of odor causing bacteria. Each cleanser tablet contains bleach, ensuring you get the right type of cleanliness. Your bathroom will never be so clean!



When the tablet runs out (typically 2 to 4 months), just get another cleanser tablet, unscrew the handle from the head, drop the cleanser tablet into the opening well, screw the handle back on and you are good to go – again! 

The brush head is also designed to be replaced when you feel it has reached the end of its usefulness. When you replace the head is entirely up to you, for some it will last years, and others may prefer replacing it much more often – you have this option with 500 Brushes®. And when you do replace the brush head, you keep the same handle, which saves you money and is better for our environment.


Don't worry, you never need to touch the brush head! We designed the system making sure that when adding in a new cleanser tablet or replacing the brush head, your hands do not touch the head. To accomplish this, we engineered the caddy differently than any other caddy. We needed to make sure the brush head would stay stationary while we screwed and unscrewed the handle with the brush head.  In order to do so, we added 4 fins inside the caddy which keeps the head stationary as you screw/unscrew the handle. Watch here how this works.    


500 Brushes® provides a fresh clean with every brush!

500 Brushes® is brought to you by LOLA PRODUCTS, also the creators of Wowables® - the Reusable & Biodegradable Paper Towels.

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